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Offering a Divine Methodology when Conventional Medicine Fails You or when You want to explore Drug-free Alternative Healing Methods ...

For many people, seeking wellness through conventional medical channels can not only be exhausting, but can also rob you of something vital to your wellness ... HOPE. Jane Fecteau can help you regain trust in your body through her gift of gentle, healing energy, a form of alternative medicine.

Imagine Yourself with Renewed Health! It is possible for Jane to offer you improved health and relief from chronic pain through her intuitive healing abilities. You just have to understand that your body did not get ill overnight and you will need to commit to a healing program with Jane Fecteau. Know, however, that many individuals experience IMMEDIATE, near-miraculous relief of their pain and other symptoms.

Jane Fecteau has a divine gift of intuitive healing which enables her to connect with your body's energy and "see" problems. She is guided to make adjustments to your body (internal organs, soft tissue, skeleon, etc.) which will lead your body back to its full potential.

Jane has achieved great results with individuals experiencing a wide range of chronic illnesses and injuries. This is a partial list of conditions that she can address with her intuitive healing abilities:

~ Neck Pain ~ Back Pain ~ Arthritis ~ Migraine Headaches ~ Fibromyalgia ~ Digestive Issues ~ Endocrine System Imbalances ~ Parkinson's Disease ~ Adult Attention Deficit Disorder ~ Depression ~ Anxiety ~ Stress ~ Multiple Chemical Sensitivities ~ Chronic Fatigue ~ Chronic Lyme Disease ~ Eating Disorders ~ Weight Gain ~ Weight Loss ~ Gynecological Issues ~ Cancer Support ~ Life Path Issues ~ Career Change Support ~ Life Coach ~

Please visit the Testimonials page for patient letters indexed by specific ailment.

If your discomfort or limitation is physical, emotional or your Life Path: Jane can assist you in achieving your goals.

Physicians, Naturopaths, Chiropractors and other holistic health care practitioners frequently refer their patients to Jane Fecteau’s practice when they either don't have viable treatment plans or their patients are seeking a more collaborative, holistic approach to their wellness.

If you or a loved one has a chronic and/or newly diagnosed illness or injury that is slow to resolve and would like to work with an experience energy healer, please contact Jane Fecteau. She will partner with you to get your health back on track!

If you are considering a Life Change, Jane can help encourage the energies and set your Life Path to Blessings, Health and Wellness!

Private healing sessions are available by appointment at offices in Portland and Kennebunk, Maine. In addition, Jane Fecteau is able to connect with your body's energy remotely and can work with you by telephone if you are not physically located in Maine or unable to travel.

How Did Jane Realize Her Healing Gift?

I first became conscious that God was signaling a change in my life’s direction through my own serious illness and a downward spiral into a pattern of unyielding medical complexity, in 1995. Traditional medicine seemed unable to restore my health. Overwhelming chemical sensitivities developed. I languished for months. Although very appreciative of the efforts of the many allopathic, holistic and alternative medicine doctors that I sought out, I slowly realized that what was being offered, although partially helpful, was not restoring my health. It had been five years of struggle, and I didn't seem able to progress. One day, as I prayed to be well with special intensity, a shift occurred and I received what some may call an anointing to heal; to heal my self and others. Shortly after that, the fundamental issues surrounding my illness began to resolve. READ MORE

Jane Fecteau, Intuitive Healing, Inc.
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Jane Fecteau offers hands-on treatment (hand scanning and energy healing) at Jane Fecteau Intuitive Healing of Kennebunk, Maine. However, through her divine gift, she can offer these services remotely (non-hands-on) to individuals globally via telephone. You may reach Jane via email using "Contact Jane" or request an appointment with "Request a Healing Session".

Office hours by Appointment
Please click here to request an in-person or distance Healing Appointment. Please allow up to 3 business days for a response from Jane. Distance healings via telephone (advanced appointment required; please submit an online request.)