How I came to this work.

How I came to this work.

I first became conscious that God was signaling a change in my life’s direction through my own serious illness and a downward spiral into a pattern of unyielding medical complexity. Traditional medicine seemed incapable of restoring my health. Overwhelming chemical sensitivities developed.

Although very appreciative of the efforts of the many allopathic, holistic, and alternative medicine doctors that I sought out, I slowly realized that what was being offered was not fully restoring my health. It had been five years of struggle, and I didn’t seem able to progress. One day, as I prayed to be well with special intensity, a shift occurred and I received what some may call an anointing to heal: to heal my self and others. Shortly after that, the fundamental issues surrounding my illness began to resolve.

My Gift

After regaining my health, profoundly grateful for the stunning insights bestowed upon me, I resolved to continue to develop this gift. For hours every day (and that practice continues into the present), I studied, prayed and meditated. Where previously I was scarcely able to help myself, as I became stronger, others began to seek my help for their own obstinate illnesses, and I found I could help them.

Through the years, many who have felt the same hopelessness that I once experienced have sought me out, and I have been honored and privileged to be able to help them heal. I have also found that I am able to support them with life path issues, in relationships, periods of transition, career changes, when energy imbalances are impeding their progress. I influence the energy field to obtain their best good in every situation.

How I Self-Balance and Rejuvenate

I am a strong proponent of self-healing and some of my favorite resources are Qigong and Tai Chi. These modalities are part of my lifestyle. I attribute much of my own healing to this practice.