Healing Sessions

A Healing Session with Jane

An Energy Healing Session is a time to discuss your health concerns, relax and receive as Jane communicates with the directives of your body systems to invoke a deep healing response.

Jane works with people who express a wide variety of health and personal issues. She has developed a strong medical intuitive ability to “see” into the body and perceive clear physiological systems and areas of distress. She follows the body’s instructions and supports its integrity to begin the healing process.

Typically three to five sessions are scheduled which allows time for the body to move towards balance. Most people notice a change during or immediately after the first session. Although I cannot promise that this work is a good fit for everyone, many people have had good success in balancing their chronic illness of chronic pain issues.

Life Path Issues

During a Life Path Session, Jane is able to influence the energy around a situation or issue and place you in a better position to move forward to the next area of your life. If you are struggling with issues related to career changes, relationships or life transitions; imbalances in your energy field may be contributing to a lack of movement in these areas.

Jane recommends getting started with three sessions.

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