Sugar Cravings


Shocked! My Sugar Cravings are ZERO!Ginger F. / Biddeford, ME

Wowee, you are AMAZING! So, I felt like a million bucks this weekend after my session on Saturday, but further; was shocked by my ZERO SUGAR CRAVINGS! My palate was tested when my boyfriend brought a dozen donuts home for his son and his son's friend. I did just what you said I would do. I opened the refrigerator, looked at the box, didn't open the box to look at the donuts, then shut the fridge. This happened three times; open fridge, close it, walk away.

This is a huge accomplishment since I normally would have eaten at least 4 donuts. Saturday night I craved vegetarian, sushi---???? Where this came from I don't know, but that's what I had. Typically a Saturday night would have been at least a half of a large pizza. Today at lunch I craved roast beef. Off to Shaw's I went instead of Burger King. Something is clicking and I'm loving it! You have an anointing Jane, that is simply remarkable and just know when you bless a client with healing, it blesses others tenfold as everyone in my circle of friends and family receive benefits of my healing. THANK YOU!

Update, one week later:
I'm astonished, it continues! I'm craving sharp cheese and yesterday, sliced pieces of roast beef. Wow, different food choices equals an overall feeling of wellness. I mean it's something that is common sense, but controlling cravings and making good choices was NOT easy for me (until my session) I'm still in amazement!

Update, two weeks later:
Just one final note~~ at dinner last evening, my boyfriend said " I can really see a change in your body" !!! YAHOO, but this morning was the most glee. I put on a dress in my closet to wear to work today that I haven't been able to wear in 2 years. And, I'm not stuffed into it, it fits well! Changes are coming fast and furious at it is GREAT! Thank you for all that you do!