Auto-immune Syndrome, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, Food intolerances, High Blood Pressure

I was in the depths of despair when I first started working with Jane Fecteau in mid-October 2006. I had had a near complete systemic shut-down after a medical treatment to address one of the underlying causes of my rare auto-immune syndrome. I was unable to eat, unable to have bowel movements, and unable to sleep more than moments at a time.

The pain that I was experiencing throughout my body was intense, unbearable and debilitating.

Five days after working twice a day with Jane, I was able to sleep for five hours, my ability to digest foods and eliminate returned and after four months of intensive work, my health, on all levels, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual has miraculously improved. 

I continue to need to work with Jane. This doesn’t surprise me considering the number of health issues that I have, including: auto-immune syndrome, multiple chemical sensitivities, a wide range of food intolerances, high blood pressure and toxic overload, to name a few.

I am so grateful to have found a highly-skilled, compassionate healer who not only is helping me to heal, but is also teaching me many self-healing techniques.

One such technique is Qi gong. In December, Jane recommended that I start daily Qi gong exercises. Because of my health conditions which also prevented me from attending classes, she explained that all I needed to do was to sit in the energy field created by those doing the exercises. So armed with my intention, I watched my DVD, and the healing ensued.

Two months later, I now know seven forms of Qi gong and am able occasionally to do a fifteen minute routine. I faithfully play my DVD daily, often more than once a day. As the healing continues, I know I will be well enough to attend Qi gong classes!

Jane has literally been a lifesaver for me. Her infectious zest for life, the joy and gratitude she has had for each aspect of my improvements have inspired me to be a much better person on more than just the physical level.

Additionally, because she works collaboratively with many other holistic and conventional practitioners, I receive the highest quality of care possible.

Jane Fecteau is the first person I would recommend to anyone who seriously wants to achieve their highest level of health and well-being.