Chronic conditions and pain, completely relieved in the first session.

I Just texted my brother about what you do. This is what I wrote….Go on the Internet and look up Jane Fecteau. I had a friend that had 3 failed spinal fusions and a brain surgery. She was on an end stage morphine drip and wanted to die. Her friends dragged her to see Jane. She didn’t believe in healers. Her pain was completely relieved in the first session. She is totally healed now and she and her husband are living in a restored farmhouse there in Maine. I called her last year when I could barely walk. Had severe arthritis in my right knee. Tom had to drive me to see my patients in and around Boston. Dr. wanted to do cortisone injections. I said no because it causes high blood sugars. Tried icing it and wrapping it for months. It was twice as big as my left knee. Finally called Jane. She did it over the phone. She said it was related to my back injury. She goes inside your body and can see everything. In ten minutes my pain was gone. Months later all the swelling gone. One treatment only. She fixed my gallbladder. The Dr’s. Wanted to remove it with the diverticulitis. It was immediately healed. Off blood pressure pills. My diabetes is just about gone. I take no medications. She is real.