Best Case Scenario

BEST CASE SCENARIO – PREDICTED 4 – 8 HR SURGERY TOOK ONLY 3 1/2 HRS. One of our healing sessions with Jane was to prepare our daughter’s body for major surgery to remove a 7lb tumor in her pelvis. The goal was to ensure that her kidney and pancreas transplanted organs were separated from the tumor and would not have to also be removed as the doctors’ had feared. Post surgery, the first words out of the surgeon’s mouth were “Best Case Scenario!!!!”. The Kidney surgeon was done in record time and the other complications expected never materialized!!!

Also, during the healing session Jane had noticed that one corner of the tumor was stuck on something, she didn’t know what, but felt it would be okay. When I asked the surgeon how it went removing the tumor she said….. “it was fine except that a corner of the tumor was tangled in the urethrae of the kidney, and other than having to free it loose everything went better than expected.” Ohhhh Man!!! Now THAT’S FREAKIN AMAZING!!!!!

THEN, post surgery Jane worked on healing my daughter’s wound. When I got to the hospital that day I couldn’t believe it…. she was sitting up in a chair! AND…, she had walked around the hospital floor. The doctors were absolutely stunned at her rate of recovery….

Jane is truly gifted. We have stories galore of other miraculous events post healing sessions for our daughter’s numerous & serious medical issues. I could write for days, but it can be summed up in a few simple words…. If you or a loved one are in need… go see Jane and experience the healing first hand. It is truly astounding!