I used Jane as my last resort. My doctor wanted to put me on a medicine that is a neurotoxin!!!!!

I have known Jane for several years, she blew me away by fixing a back spasm I was having at a networking meeting I was running. I was a complete non believer, although I liked her just fine I thought intuitive healer was, well, so much crap. I have been dealing with a diagnosis of fibromyalgia for a couple of years now, and the fatigue was debilitating. As a last resort I contacted Jane to see if she might be able to help me. As I walked in she noticed that I was having difficulty with my right knee and asked about it. I explained that there was nothing she could do about that as there was no cartilage and I was awaiting knee surgery. I was there because of extreme fatigue.. She immediately said well ok then let’s get started. So I went to her treatment area and she began whatever it is that she does, don’t get me wrong, she explained to me what she was doing as she was doing it but I really didn’t “get” any of it. I used Jane as. Last resort, my doctor wanted to put me on a medicine that is a neurotoxin!!!!! I digress. She started my just touching my arm, I asked if she was using needles, but no, just her hands. She moved to my feet, again with the barest of touches things were changing. ( I know, no freaking way, right?) Jane then “worked on” my knee. No manipulation, no pain, the barest of touches, and she’s telling me something needs alignment and she’s working on it… okay … and then she mentions something about cortisol… working on it… now again, she proved herself to me years ago, I trust her, she’s the real deal, but I already told her there is nothing she can do about my knee, it’s physical, there’s no cartilage. Fast forward, the session is over. I don’t feel all that different, maybe more relaxed, but a long talk with a friend can do that.. here’s the kicker: when I followed her up the stairs, I walked up the stairs!!! No, you don’t understand, I. Walked. Up. The. Stairs!!! The stairs that I had previously taken by step up, bring up right leg, step bring up right leg, I took right leg up left leg up like normal people take the stairs and it didn’t hurt!!! That is EPIC! It is not why I sought her out, but wow! It’s been three years of pain with that knee and without surgical intervention it feels better. I will know more about the fatigue in a couple of days, but had to post this now because I never in a million years thought she could help with the knee. Thank you Jane.

Helen Hajany, Sanford, ME