Virtual Group Meditations

December 25, 2013 Brain Health Virtual Meditation Group: Quiet, clarity, flow, inner peace, creative solutions, and ease–all are most welcomed and appreciated shifts I experience on a daily basis since I “attended” your virtual healing event Brain Health last Dec. 25th. I intended to go when you told me about it, but did not remember nor did I see the reminder so I was busy with Christmas festivities when the session took place. Thankfully there is no time in space so I was there! And I have the effects to show for it. My task…

January 2014 Clarity Virtual Meditation Group: Jane, I am stopping by to say hello and to thank you for the virtual group healing session I enjoy from your monthly sessions. Clarity was the topic for last month and as you suggested, it was my focus for this past month. It delights me how being open and aware helps you see just how much guidance is “floating” around in there! Today all the pieces came together–and I now know what I will be playing with for the coming year. I didn’t have to do much; it all just fell into place. I love riding the wave! Thanks, Jane, for being a great teacher and a gifted healer.

February 28, 2014 Bone Health Virtual Meditation Group: Jane, I didn’t mention to you about the wonderful shift from the Feb Virtual Healing Bone Health that I enjoy now. Three of my coiling exercises in qi gong always needed to be modified until shortly after this session–about two weeks. Those bones in my upper back flow smoothly now and I can do all three shoulder exercises without modifications! The first time it happened, I celebrated within–wondering just a tiny bit what would happen the next time. And now, smooth sailing every time I do them… and this is after 4 years of modifications! Grateful–oh so grateful! Thanks!