What can I say about Jane? She’s a Godsend and she saved my life.

What can I say about Jane Fecteau? How about that “I don’t believe in people like Jane and what they claim they can do.” That’s basically what I told Jane the very first time that I met her. She laughed, outstretched her arm and said “Hi I’m Jane, it’s nice to meet you. Would you like to come in? Or not?” I begrudgingly went in saying “well, I’m here and I have my money so let’s get this over and done with so that I can go home.” (I had literally tried everything modern medicine had to offer and nothing helped alleviate my horrid pain and give me a better prognosis for the future.) Again Jane politely chuckled, guiding the way for us. But in all honesty, all I could think was that “I should just put my money on the ground and set it on fire!”

My husband helped me into Jane’s and the rest is history, and a glorious history at that. Jane had me lay down on her table and after 5 minutes (no lie!) she managed to get rid of an excruciating and debilitating headache that I had had for almost 2 years after multiple brain surgeries for a brain tumor. I was speechless, which if you talk to my husband, is an extreme rarity for me. Over the course of the next 2 years, Jane diligently worked with me to help me recover from my brain surgeries and 4 failed fusion surgeries on my neck involving my C4, C5, C6 vertebrae. I’ve learned to walk and talk again, to attend to my personal hygiene and even get back to driving, cooking, and cleaning the house again, all with Jane’s help. I know what you’re thinking “Cooking. And cleaning the house?” Trust me when you’ve been so miserably sick, in horrible pain, and are unable to do these things, when you finally feel well enough to tackle what most consider mundane but necessary chores, you celebrate with excitement!”

I should note that when I first saw Jane, I was barely walking with a walker with the assistance of my husband to get from Point A to Point B, I could not drive, my husband bathed, dressed and blow dried my hair, he cooked for me and fed me as I was unable to do any of these normal things myself. When doctors gave me a 6 month “expiration date” as I called it, I became determined to take my life back into my own hands, to control my own destiny, to leave this life on my own terms and not until I was damn good and ready to do so. I should note that just prior to seeing Jane, we (my devoted and loving husband and I) fired approximately 5 doctors in one fell swoop, including my two neurosurgeons at a prestigious Boston hospital. We made the conscious decision to take an alternative approach to my health because modern medicine was an abysmal failure, so we were going to do this our way.

We Thank God for our devoted best friends who, broken-hearted as they watched me fading away, forced me to see Jane. They wouldn’t take “no” for an answer figuring I had nothing to lose, and that is how I found Jane. Because let’s face it, I never would’ve gone and searched for someone like Jane because I just wasn’t a believer. But Jane changed me and my perceptions about people like her.

Now I’m not saying that Jane is Jesus, we all know that there is only one Jesus. But Jane has most certainly been given a gift by God, the gift of healing energy. In fact, Jane is full of energy, literally full of energy, it exudes out of her and she guides it to help you heal. I still can’t begin to wrap my head around Jane’s ability, it’s truly unexplainable, so I’ve stopped trying. I just accept Jane for who she is, a Gift from God. I’m so thankful that God through our friends, guided me directly to her.

What can I say about Jane? She’s a Godsend and she saved my life.